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Fruita Vitals

Our passion project for Fruita Vitals, featuring their lime-flavored cold drink, allowed us to push the boundaries of creativity and filmmaking. This project was centered around producing a high-energy commercial that highlighted the refreshing and vibrant nature of the beverage. We employed dynamic filming techniques and innovative transitions to create a visually captivating advertisement that resonated with the brand’s youthful and energetic image.

The commercial was shot in a fast-paced style, utilizing real limes to emphasize the drink's natural and refreshing qualities. Our team focused on creating cool transitions and camera illusions that kept the visual flow exciting and engaging. By incorporating these techniques, we aimed to capture the zest and freshness of Fruita Vitals Lime, making it stand out in the competitive beverage market.

This project not only showcased our technical prowess in film production but also demonstrated our ability to align with a brand’s identity and vision. The final video encapsulated the essence of Fruita Vitals Lime—refreshing, vibrant, and full of life. Through this commercial, we illustrated our capability to create compelling and energetic content that effectively communicates a product’s unique qualities and appeals to a broad audience.

Fruita Vital.png
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