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Gateway Consultancy Office

Welcome to the epitome of minimalist sophistication – ArchePro's transformative interior design project for Gateway Consultancy, strategically situated within the bustling Mall of Islamabad. Our mission? To redefine the boundaries of innovation and creativity within a compact space, while maintaining an aura of modern elegance.

Championing the ethos of 'less is more,' our design approach focused on maximizing functionality without compromising on style. From the sleek reception area to the dynamic workstations, every element was thoughtfully crafted to inspire productivity and collaboration.

Navigating the challenge of space constraints with finesse, we seamlessly integrated essential areas such as the waiting lounge, conference room, manager's office, assistant manager's office, and even a compact yet inviting toilet facility. But we didn't stop there – nestled within the interstitial spaces, a smart coffee bar/kitchenette awaits, offering a refreshing respite for both mind and body.

At ArchePro, we believe that great design knows no bounds. Let us transform your space into an inspiring hub of innovation, where every corner sparks creativity and every detail speaks volumes.

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