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Jamil House

Welcome to the epitome of modern luxury – a stunning interior design and renovation project by ArchePro, nestled within a sprawling 1 kanal house in Behria Phase 7. Meet our esteemed client, Mr. Jamil, the visionary behind the renowned 'Jamil Sweets,' with branches spanning across Pakistan.

Our mission? To transform this space into a haven of contemporary elegance, where comfort meets unparalleled aesthetics. From the grandeur of the living rooms to the refined charm of the drawing room, every corner reflects meticulous attention to detail.

Bedrooms become sanctuaries of relaxation, meticulously crafted to inspire serenity and style. The heart of the home, the kitchen, marries functionality with exquisite design, setting the stage for culinary delights.

But our vision doesn't end indoors. We extend our expertise to the outdoor oasis, where gardens bloom with beauty and tranquility, inviting moments of respite amidst nature's embrace.

At ArchePro, we understand that luxury is not just a statement – it's a lifestyle. Elevate your living experience with our bespoke interior design and renovation services, where every space is a testament to sophistication and comfort.

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