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Liqo Package Design

For Liqo, a company specializing in toilet cleaning and dishwashing liquids, our design endeavor aimed to create packaging that would effectively represent the quality and purpose of each product. Our approach involved crafting distinctive packaging for both the toilet cleaning liquid and the dishwashing liquid, ensuring alignment with Liqo's brand identity while highlighting the unique attributes of each item.

In designing the packaging for the dishwashing liquid, we opted for a clear, exquisite bottle design. This choice allowed customers to see the product's transparency and purity, emphasizing its freshness and quality. Through sleek lines and elegant typography, we enhanced the premium feel of the packaging, ensuring it would catch the eye of discerning consumers and stand out among competitors on store shelves.

Conversely, for the toilet cleaning liquid, we pursued a more utilitarian approach with a generic opaque blue bottle. This design strategy aimed to convey the product's effectiveness and practicality in tackling tough stains and germs in the toilet bowl. While the bottle design remained simple and straightforward, clear labeling and bold branding emphasized Liqo's commitment to reliability and trustworthiness in providing high-quality cleaning solutions. Through these distinct packaging designs, we effectively communicated Liqo's dedication to delivering effective and reliable cleaning products tailored to diverse household needs.

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